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Hynion and Hyundai enter into a cooperation agreement to promote hydrogen infrastructure in Norway

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To ensure the availability of hydrogen for their customers, Hyundai Motor Norway will contribute to the operational costs of Hynion’s hydrogen refueling station at Høvik, outside Oslo. This cooperation is a strategic step towards expanding Norway’s hydrogen infrastructure, reflecting both companies’ commitment to a sustainable, fossil-free future.

Hynion’s refueling station at Høvik is currently the only public operating station in Norway today, which makes it critically important to keep it fully operational. Hyundai’s support will facilitate necessary improvements and upgrades to ensure the availability of hydrogen. For example, adding a second refueling line and replacing the payment system. This will more than double the capacity of the refueling station.

Hyundai is a leading car manufacturer in the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. They introduced the ix35 Fuel Cell as their first hydrogen-powered passenger car in 2013, followed by their first hydrogen SUV, the NEXO, in 2018. In 2020, Hyundai delivered 50 hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks to Switzerland, and now over 100 of these vehicles are operational on Swiss roads.

This partnership is part of Hyundai's global strategy to promote hydrogen technology and infrastructure. This strategy is evidenced by several cooperation agreements with other companies and governments worldwide.

In addition to operating the station at Høvik, Hynion also manages a station in Porsgrunn, which is currently closed pending re-certification. Hynion is also exploring opportunities to establish new hydrogen refueling stations.

"We are incredibly pleased and grateful for the support from Hyundai. As a world leader in the development of hydrogen fuel vehicles, Hyundai’s commitment to supporting our operations at the Høvik station is a testament to their dedication to a fossil-free future." says Slavica Djuric, CEO Hynion AS.

"For Hyundai Motor Norway, it is of utmost importance that Hynion's hydrogen refueling station at Høvik can remain open and increases capacity to ensure seamless functionality and accessibility for our customers. We greatly appreciate Hynion's business as a hydrogen supplier, and we look forward to an ongoing close cooperation to promote the increasing use of hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles," says Seong Woong Suh, CEO Hyundai Motor Norway.