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MaserFrakt's new hydrogen-powered trucks will refuel at Hynion's hydrogen refueling stations

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The transport group MaserFrakt has invested in two hydrogen trucks of the brand Holthausen Clean Technology. The first truck was delivered to Borlänge last week, from where it will operate. The trucks will have the possibility to be refueled at Hynion's hydrogen refueling stations in Sandviken, Västerås and Jönköping, in addition to the hydrogen refueling station that is operated under their own management in Borlänge.

­­­MaserFrakt aims for only fossil-free transport in 2030 and is the first company in Sweden with hydrogen-powered heavy trucks in its vehicle fleet. The trucks they have ordered from Holthausen Clean Technology have fuel cells with a capacity of 120-240 kW, electric motors of 250-450 kW and tanks that hold 50-100 kg of hydrogen, giving a range of up to approximately 680 km.

"It is very exciting that we have received our first hydrogen truck. The second one will be delivered later this year. But this is just the beginning. We plan to replace several of our diesel trucks with hydrogen trucks if these trucks perform well," says Per Bondemark, CEO MaserFrakt.

"We are happy that we can offer MaserFrakt hydrogen for their first hydrogen trucks and are pleased to provide all the support we can. Finally, heavy vehicles powered by hydrogen are coming to Sweden," says Slavica Djuric, CEO of Hynion AS, and continues: "When we are finished with our hydrogen refueling stations in Västerås and Jönköping later this year, we can welcome many more heavy duty trucks."