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The board will propose Chris Tornblom as working chairman of the board

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The nomination committee in Hynion AS has for some time seen a need to strengthen the group's board and organization, and as a step in this process, the board has today decided to immediately involve Chris in the group's development by proposing him as working chairman of the board, before a formal decision at the company's annual general meeting in April.

Carl Christopher (Chris) Tornblom has extensive experience in business development from several countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Germany and South Africa, and has a well-established network of contacts in the international financial market. Chris was for a few years in connection with its IPO the managing director of Metacon AB, a Swedish developer of production systems for hydrogen.

"I have since long had a rock-solid belief that hydrogen is an optimal fuel and energy carrier. We have all noted the recent year's announcements by the major vehicle manufacturers about powerful and concrete investments in hydrogen vehicles, not least for the transport sector," says Chris, and continues: "The need for refueling stations is increasing exponentially, and Hynion already today operates stations in both Norway and Sweden. The company has a unique expertise in building hydrogen refueling stations, and is in the process of building more. I look forward to a very intense and fun expansion journey!”

The board of Hynion AS will propose that Chris be elected as working chairman of the board at the company's annual general meeting on April 2, 2024.