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This is why you should choose hydrogen

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Emission-free and environmentally friendly transport is essential for turning society in a greener direction.

We have already come a long way. The investment in electric cars has been very good for private transportation, but if we are to reach the climate targets we must also develop zero-emission solutions for the entire transport sector, including commercial vehicles. Here hydrogen plays a key role!

These are five good reasons why a hydrogen-powered vehicle is a great choice - both for business and private individuals.
1. Clean technology

Worried about your footprint? Hydrogen from Hynion is produced exclusively with electricity from renewable energy, and when driving, a hydrogen car only emits pure water vapour.
2. Long range

With a modern hydrogen car, you can drive up to 700 kilometers on one completely emission-free tank, and with almost no waiting time - it never takes more than three to five minutes to fill the tank!
3. Several benefits

The government's investment in zero-emission transport means that you, as the owner of a hydrogen car, can drive in the public transport lanes without paying toll (in Oslo/Norway). Cars that run on hydrogen are exempt from paying at all the toll rings in Oslo. This applies to both private cars and heavier vessels. The hydrogen cars also have other advantages such as driving in public transport lanes without restrictions and free parking in municipal spaces. Choosing a hydrogen car as a zero-emission car is thus highly beneficial; both for your wallet, for your company's bottom line, and for the climate.
4. Perfect for professional drivers

Electric cars are great for the environment, but if you work from your car - with goods transport, as a taxi driver, or as a courier, for example - it is not always as practical to have to set aside a lot of time to charge the batteries. With a hydrogen car, you avoid all the waiting, and at the same time you drive emission-free!
5. The future solution for heavy duty transport

With hydrogen-powered vans and trucks, it becomes possible to avoid emissions - but still drive long distances - without having to plan frequent charging breaks.