The vehicles of the future run are powered by green hydrogen

That is why Hynion is building hydrogen refueling stations in and around the largest cities in Scandinavia.



Among the world's most experienced operators of hydrogen refueling stations

We have over fifteen years of experience and expertise in the development and operation of hydrogen refueling stations. Our business concept is to make hydrogen gas available by supplying hydrogen refueling stations with safe and proven designs.



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Stakeholder letter from the new Chairman of the Board

Dear All Hynion Stakeholders:

My name is Carl Christopher Tornblom, frequently referred to as Chris. I am delighted to...

Minutes of Annual General Meeting in Hynion AS 2024

The annual general meeting of Hynion AS (the "Company") was held today, on 2 April 2024. All proposed resolutions on...

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Hynion and Toyota Norway enter into a cooperation agreement to drive the infrastructure for hydrogen in Norway

Toyota Norway and Hynion are now expanding their cooperation, and Toyota is stepping in with operating support to...