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Politician visit in Porsgrunn

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On Friday, March 3, 2023, Hynion was visited by three hydrogen-interested people at its hydrogen filling station in Porsgrunn, which will soon open for public refueling. The visitors were Arne Nicander and Bård Stranheim from the organization Powered By Telemark as well as Ådne Naper who is Group leader SV, chairman of the board of Biogass Oslofjord and chairman of the main committee for climate, planning and land in the Vestfold and Telemark regions.

The purpose of the meeting was to raise and activate the issue of hydrogen as vehicle fuel in the region. Hynion's station in Porsgrunn was built by Norsk Hydro back in 2007 and was then a link in Norway's pride, "the Hydrogen Highway", with several hydrogen filling stations along the road from Oslo to Stavanger. Hynion acquired the station in 2019 and has since worked to restart operations, which is now close to the ultimate goal of being able to offer public refueling. Pål Midtbøen, who now works for Hynion, was involved in building the station for Norsk Hydro in 2007.

The arrival of hydrogen-powered vehicles on a large scale has taken a long time, marred by financial crisis and crisis in the car industry, but now that the world is facing an energy crisis and climate crisis, the car industry is finally starting to switch to drive technology with zero emissions, i.e., hydrogen and electricity.

"We at Hynion are very happy that we can participate in the transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen, and we look forward to being able to start refueling the world's most modern vehicles and that we can continue to use the results of the pioneering work done in Norway 15 years ago," says Slavica Djuric, CEO Hynion AS.

Slavica Ådne shaking hands with Ådne Naper

Powered by Telemark is an industry association that actively works to raise the level of technology in the energy sector and with the goal of making the region climate positive by 2040. Arne Nicander, daily manager of Powered by Telemark, has recently ordered a hydrogen-powered passenger car, which he will refuel at Hynion's station in Porsgrunn.

"We look forward to hydrogen now coming back to Telemark and we will work to ensure that local vehicle players start the transition to hydrogen-powered vehicles," says Arne Nicander.

Ådne Naper explained the importance of Politicians at regional and national level now starting to cooperate for the development of a strategy for the implementation of hydrogen as vehicle fuel, as it is necessary as a complement to battery electric vehicles.

"I will get involved in these issues within politics, so that the transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen starts in Norway as well," says Ådne Naper.

The meeting ended in broad agreement on continued cooperation.