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We are Hynion


A young company with long experience is an accurate description of Hynion AS. The company builds on experience from the last 20 years. Its staff has been active in several exciting and world-leading projects, such as HyNor, CUTE, Utsira wind/hydrogen, CEP Berlin, SHHP, NewBusFuel, and H2ME, to name a few. The company also has extensive experience in establishing and operating start-up companies, as well as years of experience in the automotive industry.

Hynion was first established under the name Hydrogenic but changed its name to Hynion in September 2019.

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Our team


Ulf Hafseld

CEO - +47 908 94 153

Ulf Hafseld is co-founder and CEO in Hynion AS. He has extensive experience from 17 years in hydrogen business development as well as in designing, building and operating hydrogen stations in Europe.


Pål Midtbøen

CTO - +47 977 94 672

Pål Midtbøen is co-founder and CTO in Hynion AS. He has extensive experience from the last two decades in designing, building and operating hydrogen stations in Europe.


Lars Amnell

Styreleder - +46 70 655 07 70

Lars Amnell has long and broad management experience from several start-up companies and 35 years of estate building experience. He is an educated Real estate agent and property manager from Folkuniversitet of Gothenburg.

Hynion Sweden

Hynion Sverige AB

Alfred Nobel Science Park i Karlskoga
Gammelbackavägen 4B


Slavica Djuric-1

Slavica Djuric

IR Manager and CEO Hynion Sweden

+46 73 072 60 76


CEO in Hynion Sweden AB. She has 30 years experience from economy and administrative positions, the last 20 years in high-tech companies within renewable energy and hydrogen technology, which were listed on the Swedish stock market, Slavica held the position of CEO in Metacon and was also responsible for economy, group marketing and investor relations.


Our stations

Our station at Høvik has been carefully inspected by two different technical inspection bodies, which have found that everything is in accordance with current laws and regulations.

Within the next 6 months our stations in Porsgrunn and Gøteborg will be in operation.


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