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Hynion is a dynamic company with extensive experience in the development and sale of green hydrogen fuel for the transport sector. The company builds on the legacy of Norsk Hydro, Statoil (today Equinor) and HYOP, and has two decades of expertise in technology design, development, construction and operation of hydrogen stations.

Hynion has sold hydrogen fuel since 2007 and is among the largest and most experienced hydrogen fuel companies in Scandinavia.


Know-how, technology and partnership

Hynion is a company with extensive experience in building and operating hydrogen stations. Our hydrogen stations are based on proprietary technology, which we are developing further into next-generation stations. We collaborate with hydrogen production companies, in addition to operate a wide network of partnerships with manufacturers of hydrogen vehicles, such as Toyota and Hyundai. Furthermore, we collaborate with a number of purchasers of hydrogen fuel, including taxi companies in Norway and Sweden, and larger transport companies such as Renova and X-trafik in Sweden.
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  • Established market position with hydrogen stations in Norway and Sweden – extensive partner network, i.e., with Toyota and Hyundai
  • Running business with turnover in 2022 of NOK >1m and >200 customers – excellent reputation for high-quality service and up-time
  • Long experience (>15 years) in technology design, development, construction and operation of hydrogen stations
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  • In-house technology for hydrogen stations based on long experience from the process industry (Hydro and Equinor/Statoil)
  • Competence on safe design and operation of hydrogen stations
  • Proprietary design for hydrogen stations can give synergies and cost savings in the early build-up phase
  • In-house technology for hydrogen transportation containers
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Industry network and partnerships

  • Agreement with large truck fleet operator in Sweden, partner in H2Truck project in Norway. Agreements with taxi-companies and truck operators
  • MoUs with hydrogen production technology companies – giving Hynion access to potential cost cutting technology
  • Member in most relevant Hydrogen associations and clusters
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Hynion in brief



  • Hynion’s main business is to sell hydrogen fuel to personal vehicles, taxis, busses and trucks through owned hydrogen stations

  • In-house technology for hydrogen stations with scalable design



  • Scandinavia's most experienced hydrogen retailer – selling fuel since 2007

  • Two decades of competence in technology design, development, construction and operation of hydrogen stations



  • Running business with three stations in operation and two are soon to be opened

  • Hynion owns and operates the busiest hydrogen station in North Europe (Høvik)

  • The projects of building two high-capacity hydrogen stations in Sweden have started



  • Strong partnerships with leading hydrogen players

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Board of directors


Carl Christopher Tornblom (Chris)

Chairman of the board

+44 78 275 09 544

Kurt Dahlberg

Kurt Dahlberg

Board member

+46 70 363 31 10

Pål Midtbøen

Pål Midtbøen

Board member

 +47 977 94 672


Lars Amnell

Board member

+46 70 655 07 70

Key management

Slavica Djuric

Slavica Djuric


+46 73 072 60 76

Pål Midtbøen

Pål Midtbøen


+47 977 94 672

Vibeke Schønfeldt

Vibeke Schønfeldt


+47 454 87 101


Torgny Eriksson

Development and product manager

+46 76 134 45 73

Our team


Hynion Norway


Hynion AS
Hydrovegen 67, 3936 Porsgrunn

Postboks 526, 1328 Høvik 



Lasse Veisanen


+47 962 24 815

Hynion Sweden

Hynion Sverige AB

Alfred Nobel Science Park i Karlskoga
Gammelbackavägen 4B


Jimmy Pettersson

Operations Engineer/Project Manager

+46 70 772 85 47


Bjarne Eriksson

Quality Manager

+46 70 664 20 55

What is it like to work at Hynion?

Hear from one of our employees, Hans Raymon, what it's like to work at Hynion.


From oil to hydrogen...
Hans Raymon works as operations manager at Hynion AS. Hear his story about the transition from the oil industry to renewable energy, and why he enjoys his job so much.

Our stations

Our station at Høvik has been carefully inspected by two different technical inspection bodies, which have found that everything is in accordance with current laws and regulations.

Within the next 6 months our stations in Porsgrunn and Gøteborg will be in operation.

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