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Illona was customer number 5000

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She filled her tank with emission-free fuel in three minutes. – Hydrogen is perfect for those of us who want to drive emission-free but who do not want to spend a lot of time on charging and range anxiety.

On Wednesday, March 10, customer number 5000 stopped by Hynion's hydrogen station in Høvik to fill up the tank with completely emission-free fuel.

Hynion's CEO Ulf Hafseld was coincidentally present and treated the lucky hydrogen car driver to a full tank.

– This was a pleasant surprise, said Illona Lødrup.

She has been driving a hydrogen car for four years.

– Hydrogen is perfect for those of us who want to drive emission-free, but do not want to spend a lot of time charging – or drive around with range anxiety, says Lødrup.

She spent about three minutes filling her tank and took the opportunity to strike up a pleasant conversation with the Hynion CEO, who could tell her more about the range of hydrogen cars.

– Hydrogen cars today have a range of between 60 and 70 miles, i.e., significantly longer than most electric cars. So you can drive quite far without the need for refills, said Hafseld.

Hafseld has a cabin on Hallingskarvet and easily drives back and forth, including short trips to the shop and the ski resort, without having to fill up the tank.

– I have no doubt that more and more people will open their eyes to hydrogen as a fuel, he says.

There are now about 120 cars that regularly fill hydrogen at the station at Høvik, and these cars have visited the station a total of 5,000 times since it opened in November 2019.

– There has been a lot of traffic at the station. In fact, this is the busiest hydrogen station in all of Scandinavia, Hafseld concludes.