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Status update

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We have received some questions about the status of our business and all our projects, so we thought it would be good to update you all now.


Existing stations

Our hydrogen refueling stations in Gothenburg, Sandviken, Arlanda and Oslo are all up and running and working well. We have had some short-term disruptions with gas deliveries and the compressor in one line in Oslo has been down waiting for spare parts, but it is sorted now.

The station in Porsgrunn has been inspected by an authorized third party and is now close to being able to open for public fueling. A few details remain, then there is the inspection report and final approval from DSB before we can open.


Construction project

Our most important projects in Sweden right now are the establishments of the hydrogen refueling stations in Västerås and Jönköping. Construction work is in full swing; the most important subsystems have been ordered since quite some time, the land agreements are ready and applications for building permits have been submitted. We are very satisfied with the locations, in both cases in connection with truck stops, distribution centers and next to the major traffic routes E18 and E4 respectively. We are convinced that it will generate many refuelings at our stations when the phasing out of fossil vehicles really takes off. These stations will also have 10 times higher capacity than any other existing station in Scandinavia. It was a requirement from the Swedish Energy Agency, which finances the stations, so that the stations can also supply heavy vehicles, such as trucks and buses.

The next two major projects are the hydrogen refueling stations in Gothenburg and Malmö, which are part of the EU project Greater4H. In Gothenburg, we have a land agreement ready for a very good location, formerly known as Gasklockan. We have submitted the application for a building permit and are ready to start construction planning. In Malmö we are looking for the right location.


Other projects

Hynion AS has received an order for a demo hydrogen station for Norwegian Hydrogen Elektriske Byggeplasser AS (HEB). The station will be used for refueling the first hydrogen vehicles in southern Norway and will be put into operation in Kristiansand during Q1 2024.


We look forward to an exciting autumn and will return with updates as soon as we have the opportunity, especially regarding our ongoing construction projects in Västerås and Jönköping.