Since our last status update at the end of August, a lot has happened in the hydrogen market. Several other stations in Scandinavia have closed and construction plans have been cancelled, which of course has increased interest in us and our stations. We continue to work according to plan. This is the status of our business and projects right now:


Existing stations

Our hydrogen refueling stations in Göteborg, Sandviken, Arlanda and Høvik (Oslo) are working well. We have updated the electronic communication between dispenser and payment terminal at our Swedish stations for smoother refueling. We also carry out measures for inspection and re-certification of all stations according to current regulations.

As for the station in Porsgrunn, all the details have been taken care of and we are just waiting for the inspection report and final approval from the Directorate for Safety and Preparedness (DSB) before we can open.

Construction projects

Our most important projects in Sweden are still the establishment of the hydrogen refueling stations in Västerås and Jönköping. Expectations for those stations are high, as they will be the first in a completely new generation of hydrogen refueling stations with a capacity of as much as 1,500 kg/day. Construction work is in full swing and many parts of the systems are ready for production, for example, dispensers for the stations. All high-pressure tanks for the stationary gas storage will be delivered soon. Two compressors are tested and ready for delivery and the other two are under test. Programming of the control systems begins now, all electronic hardware has been delivered. Some adaptation of earthworks is underway and related updating of building permit documents.

Planning for the stations in Göteborg and Malmö, which are part of the EU project GREATER4H, is progressing. We will return with more information before the start of the project.

Other projects

The demo refueling station ordered by the Norwegian Hydrogen Elektriske Byggeplasser AS (HEB) is delivered to Kristiansand within days. A lot of on-site preparation work is required before the station can be certified and put into operation, but we are so far ahead of schedule.


The work in all our projects is therefore progressing well. We will return with more updates.