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Hynion signs Letter Of Intent with Boson Energy for collaboration on production and distribution of hydrogen

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Hynion AS and Boson Energy SA have signed a Letter Of Intent to jointly evaluate the conditions for the coordinated establishment of facilities where Hynion will supply hydrogen refueling stations to distribute the hydrogen produced by Boson Energy through the gasification of waste.


Boson Energy has developed a technology where they gasify non-recyclable waste and then convert the resulting syngas into hydrogen. This technology allows for local production of carbon-negative hydrogen at low cost and in considerable production volumes. In order to be able to distribute the hydrogen to vehicles, one or more hydrogen refueling stations need to be integrated with each gasification plant. The hydrogen refueling stations that are planned to be integrated with Boson Energy's gasification facilities will be of the same generation and design as the large stations that Hynion will build in Västerås and Jönköping.


Boson Energy already has several sites in final negotiation, both in Sweden and in other countries, and investment decisions for the first facilities are expected within a few months.


"For us, it goes without saying that we should be able to efficiently distribute the hydrogen that we will produce to the automotive sector, to accelerate the decarbonisation and the shift to zero-emission vehicles. We will supply both hydrogen directly and hydrogen-powered fast charging. Our technology and processes will prove cost-effective, resource-efficient, and environmentally efficient in comparison to other production technologies – and be able to seriously challenge fossil fuels on availability, commercial volumes, and mileage cost 'at pump'. Hynion has extensive experience in hydrogen and is the partner we need to build and deliver hydrogen refuelling stations to our facilities," says Jan Grimbrandt, CEO of Boson Energy.


"We are very happy about the cooperation with Boson Energy. The result of this cooperation is that together we gain control over both cost and production of hydrogen, which gives the opportunity for profitability in the operation of both facilities. We can also benefit from synergies regarding supervision, maintenance, and service.” says Slavica Djuric, acting CEO Hynion AS.


About Boson Energy

Founded in 2008, Boson Energy SA has developed technology and systems that allow for local, clean and resource efficient recycling of otherwise non-recyclable waste; to produce affordable hydrogen for direct use in hydrogen refuelling stations or hydrogen-powered fast charging of electric vehicles and power grid support. Additional output options include green chemicals such as methanol and ammonia. The company is based in Luxembourg and are present in Sweden, Poland, Germany, and Israel – where Boson Energy is now developing its first projects in ports and cities together with partners in waste and recycling, fossil-free mobility, energy, and industry.