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Hynion signs strategically important land agreement for hydrogen refueling station in Gothenburg

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Hynion Sverige and Göteborg Energi have signed a land agreement in the Gullbergsvass area in Gothenburg. Here, Hynion intends to establish a hydrogen refueling station with financial support from the EU within the Greater4H project and with an option on land to also be able to establish local hydrogen production.

In September 2022, the EU decided to grant EUR 12.4 million (SEK 140 million) to the Greater4H project, which includes 12 hydrogen refueling stations on the Hamburg–Oslo route. Hynion Sverige is participating in the project and will build two large hydrogen refueling stations, one of which will be located in Gothenburg, and Hynion Sverige will receive an EU grant of EUR 2.4 million (SEK 27 million). The stations will have a capacity of 1,500 kg of hydrogen per day, be adapted for heavy traffic and are planned to be completed in 2024.

The land area is very centrally located on the site where the landmark Gasklockan used to be, and with direct connection to European roads E6, E45 and E20 and national road 40. This gives the location an excellent position both for local traffic and for long-distance traffic.

"We are delighted that we have now signed the third attractive land agreement in a short time. This is an incredibly good location and we look forward to being able to step up our hydrogen distribution in the Gothenburg region to zero emissions even for the heavy traffic. We already have a station in Gothenburg and have a refueling agreement with Renova, who have been involved in the process and supported the project, and the situation provides the conditions for a substantial increase in business volume," says Slavica Djuric, CEO of Hynion Sverige AB and acting CEO Hynion AS.

"For H2X, it is absolutely crucial that a hydrogen refueling station with high capacity comes into place in Gothenburg, because we have orders for commercial hydrogen vehicles in the region. It will of course result in several vehicle players starting the transition to hydrogen as fuel," says Peter Westh, CEO H2X Gothenburg AB and Head of northern Europe H2X.

Work is now being intensified with the application for building permits and other necessary permits for Hynion's future operations as well as other preparations for the establishment.

"It is very gratifying that Hynion will establish a large hydrogen filling station in Gothenburg. Renova has already established the first hydrogen-powered garbage trucks, and will procure many more, so the increased refueling capacity is absolutely necessary," says Hans Zackrisson, former development manager Renova AB.