Construction project


Opens 2024



Chaufförsgatan 8

724 76 Västerås



Passenger cars

Light-duty trucks

Heavy-duty vehicles

1500 kg/day


Contact details:

+46 76 134 45 73


Live status

News from Västerås

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Status December

Now as the year is coming to an end, we take the opportunity to wrap things up with a status update for our business:

1 min read

Construction of Hynion's hydrogen refueling station in Västerås has started

Today, the ground was broken for Hynion's hydrogen refueling station in Västerås. It is the first station in a new...

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Status update

Since our last status update at the end of August, a lot has happened in the hydrogen market. Several other stations in...

"We in Västerås municipality see this project as an important milestone in the work that the municipality does in the area of sustainability. Västerås is a world leader in energy development and we see this establishment as an important piece of the puzzle for continued development. We are also increasing our opportunity for more fossil-free traffic, which is a must in order to reach the climate goals."
Monica Stolpe-Nordin
Municipal Councilor C Västerås City