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Hynion and Hyrex launches floating hydrogen station for leisure boats

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Hynion AS and Hyrex AS plan a summer launch of the first floating hydrogen station for leisure boats.

 The pilot installation builds on a joint venture set up by Hynion and Hyrex last year to establish hydrogen stations for refuelling leisure boats with zero-emission fuel.

“Hydrogen will be important for the decarbonisation of the transport sector in Norway, not least in the maritime sector. Although other modes of transport account for larger emissions than leisure boats, this is a significant segment. The Norwegian authorities have given clear signals that emissions from leisure boats should be reduced by 50 %. The establishment of floating hydrogen stations will improve the availability of hydrogen as a fuel for the leisure boat segment and thus significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from this market. The collaborative project between Hynion AS and Hyrex AS is important because it demonstrates that hydrogen as a fuel for leisure boats is a good and accessible alternative. In addition, this initiative will drive the technology development of Norwegian-produced, environmentally-friendly leisure boats,” says Ulf Hafseld, CEO of Hynion AS.

The floating hydrogen station will enable ports and marinas to offer zero-emission fuels to the maritime sector. The station will offer compressed hydrogen to a growing fleet of leisure boats with hydrogen-electric drivelines. The filling station consists of an electrolyser for the production of hydrogen, a hydrogen compressor with associated storage tanks and a dispenser mounted on a floating jetty module. The station needs water and electricity from land and emits pure oxygen only.

The building of the floating pilot station will serve the Hyrex 28 prototype during testing in the summer of 2022. The collaboration between Hynion and Hyrex is a follow-up of the initiative from our authorities to establish hydrogen infrastructure for the maritime sector along the coast. The project will apply to Enova for support for constructing a pilot filling station within the program for hydrogen for maritime transport.

“With the Hyrex 28 prototype, we demonstrate that hydrogen can play a significant role in making electric boats more usable by offering a more extended cruising range, compared to the alternative of using batteries only. Filling opportunities for hydrogen in the ports is needed to start the green technology shift. That is why a collaboration with Hynion is essential,” says Henrik Torgersen, CEO in Hyrex AS.

Information about Hyrex 28 : https://www.hyrex.no/service/hyrex-cruiser