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Stakeholder letter from the new Chairman of the Board

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Dear All Hynion Stakeholders:

My name is Carl Christopher Tornblom, frequently referred to as Chris. I am delighted to join Hynion Board of Directors and feel privileged to take on the role of Chairman.

I perceive myself as an entrepreneur, constantly pursuing unique business opportunities and challenges. I have been exposed to the global stock markets from a young age, both as an investor and as an advisor in connection with public listings, taking place on the German, UK, Swedish and US markets respectively. I was previously CEO of Metacon, which we floated in September 2018 with an initial market capitalization of approximately SEK 50 million. At its peak, Metacon’s market capitalization approached over SEK 2 billion, and had more than 25,000 shareholders. Furthermore, Metacon was one of the most traded stocks on the exchange every single day. Trading liquidity is vital for a company listed on the stock exchange, therefore the Hynion team and I will make solemn efforts to increase the interest in Hynion’s stock. We plan to do this by frequently communicating with the market, including investors, and by effectively executing our hydrogen stations build-out plan.

Additionally, I founded Tyson & Blake, an investment group named after my late dogs. We mainly focus on healthcare, specialized on HealthTech, and have roughly 9 portfolio companies, each with its own dedicated team.

On a more private note: I am 43 years old and reside in Luxembourg with my dog Chloé. I am born and raised in Sweden, but I have been living overseas virtually ever since I graduated from high school. Amongst places where I have lived and worked are the US, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa and the United Kingdom. I have received higher education from Shenandoah University in the US and Graduate School of Business Administration in Zürich, Switzerland. I am very interested in sports and competed in many diverse varieties when I was younger. I passionately follow sports on TV, and my favorite team is Chelsea FC.

Again, I am very pleased to join the Board of Hynion and look forward to ensuring sustainable growth and development while upholding the highest standards of corporate governance, which shall add to increased shareholder value. Hydrogen is an integral part of the energy transition, and Hynion will play a valuable role in this process.

Carl Christopher Tornblom