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Hynion is commencing start-up of Gothenburg Hydrogen Station

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Hynion Sweden recently hired Jimmy Pettersson as operations engineer, and his first major assignment is the start-up of the hydrogen station on Ruskvädersgatan in Gothenburg. The station was built by the Finnish gas company Woikoski in 2015 in collaboration with PowerCell. As the filling station has not been in operation for a longer period, a comprehensive review and functional check of the station and its safety devices are required.

Jimmy Pettersson has extensive experience working with gas plants. We are very pleased with the skills Jimmy brings to the company, says Slavica Djuric, CEO of Hynion Sverige AB.

The most important customer in the near term is Renova AB, which already needs hydrogen for its fuel cell-powered renovation trucks. Renova has, together with Scania, JOAB and PowerCell, developed the trucks, and Hynion Sweden is responsible for the refuelling.

Hans Zackrisson, Renova's development manager, who has worked for many years with the development of the company´s renovation vehicles, looks forward to introducing renovation trucks with zero emissions in Gothenburg's urban environment.

Jimmy P og Hans Z foran stasjonen - nær 2

Jimmy Pettersson, Hynion (left) and Hans Zackrisson, Renova in front of the station

In addition to the hydrogen filling station in Gothenburg, Hynion currently has three stations in Norway. A double station in Oslo, one in Porsgrunn and a recently purchased bus filling station outside Oslo that will be moved and upgraded to serve trucks, cars and taxis. New stations are being planned in Norway and Sweden.