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Hynion Gothenburg open for refuelling

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The official opening of Hynion's hydrogen station in Gothenburg was done yesterday by Hans Zacrisson from Renova. For a long time, he has been a driving force in Renova to introduce hydrogen into their fleet of waste disposal vehicles, and leads the project to get two pilot vehicles into operation. Several strong driving forces within the hydrogen industry were also present such as Åse Bye from Powercell, Edward Blomstrand from H2Cab in Uppsala, and of course also the head of the industry association Hydrogen Sweden Bjørn Aronsen.

Hynion's project manager Jimmy Pettersson was very pleased at the opening. "After a long time and a lot of work, we are finally done with all requirements, both internal and from external inspectors and the Rescue Service." he states. "Now the focus will be turned to regular operations, and I look forward to serving all hydrogen drivers at the station," concludes Pettersson.

"Now it will be easier to refuel our trucks here in Gothenburg," says Hans Zacrisson. "This fits very well with the fact that the break-in phase with the cars is now over, and they can go into more regular operation."


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