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Construction of Hynion's hydrogen refueling station in Västerås has started

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Today, the ground was broken for Hynion's hydrogen refueling station in Västerås. It is the first station in a new generation of hydrogen refueling stations with a capacity of 1,500 kg of hydrogen per day.

As previously communicated, Hynion has been granted a grant of SEK 61.4 million from the Swedish Energy Agency to build two hydrogen refueling stations. In addition to this station in Västerås, with a strategically important location right next to the E18, the second station is to be built in Jönköping, in the Torsvik logistics area next to the E4 south of the city. Both stations are to have a capacity of 1,500 kg of hydrogen per day and are to be completed in the first half of 2024. Completion will be somewhat delayed, among other things due to delays in the delivery of important subsystems to the stations.

We are very grateful for the excellent cooperation with the City of Västerås and that we have now received the go-ahead and have started the construction of our hydrogen refueling station in Västerås. We are convinced that this will be an important and successful project for the upcoming phase-out of fossil fuels”, says Slavica Djuric, CEO Hynion Sverige AB.

"That Västerås will be the first place in Sweden to get a full-scale hydrogen refueling station is very exciting. Now it is up to companies and organizations to start the work of replacing fossil-powered vehicles with hydrogen-powered ones, so we can speed up the work of saving the climate”, says Staffan Jansson (S), chairman of the municipal board in Västerås.

It is great that this project with the large hydrogen refueling station is moving forward and that the construction has started. It means that together we have come one step closer to zero emission and that we soon will see more hydrogen-powered cars and trucks on our roads”, says Monica Stolpe-Nordin, municipal councilor (C) in Västerås.

”Now, we start with the real construction project, where Premac is responsible for the ground works and many other parts of the project, before the advanced technical equipment for the station is coming into place”, says Torgny Eriksson, project manager for the stations in Västerås and Jönköping and product manager in Hynion Sverige AB.