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Norway's first road sign for a hydrogen station pointing to Hynion Høvik

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In step with the development of new fuels, new road signs are required. This week, the first signs showing the travelers where the hydrogen stations are located were mounted on Høvik.

For the time being, there are signs from Sandviksveien, but a new sign will also be set up by the motorway on the E18 direction towards Oslo. However, this is a more extensive job that requires shutting down parts of the traffic for a period of time, so it will be mounted when other maintenance jobs will be carried out.

Hynion thinks it is very useful that these signs are coming up. Although you can use GPS guidance to find the way to the station, it is very helpful to have signs for the last part of the road - especially for people who are not well known in the area.

Veiskilt til hydrogenstasjonen - kun skilt